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Teacher students

Exchange Programme Teacher Education Package

It is possible to sign up for the Teacher Education Package at two of our campus - Roskilde and Vordingborg. Please read more below.

The Teacher Education covers Primary and Lower Secondary (ages 6 to 16 years old). Students of Pre-primary (Pre-school) Education, please choose our course Children at Risk

Campus Roskilde

Teaching of all courses runs from week 8-21 (Easter week 14, no classes this week) 

Students at the Teacher Education Package (TEP) can combine their studies with module 3 at the Children at Risk program (CAR). 

We do not offer internship but there will be visits to schools and smaller internship stays at schools during the classes above mentioned. 

NOTE: Students need to find housing themselves. International office will help students with link to webpages where students can apply for housing but stu-dents need to plan ahead in order to get a dorm. 

Courses - Spring 2023

Campus Vordingborg

In Vordingborg you can choose between the following three 30 ECTS packages. Teaching of all packages runs from week 8-21 (Easter week 14, no classes this week)

Courses spring 2023

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