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campus with students

Campus Vordingborg

In Vordingborg you will meet a warm campus environment with strong traditions and international fellow students. You will meet creative environments, diverse outdoor areas and an informal atmosphere where everyone knows each other.

Welcome to Campus Vordingborg

See our campus of creative spaces and friendly surroundings etc.
In our campus in Vordingborg you find the educations: pedagogue (only taught in Danish) and Teacher/Bachelor of Education.

Watch the video to get an idea of our professional and yet closeknit community.
Theater on campus

Theater traditions

In Vordingborg we are proud to invite you in on the annual theater performance. Here we join forces across semesters, educational programmes and cultures and collaborate in making magic on stage.
Instructor? Acting? Band member? Making costumes or effects? We have a seat for

Transportation and parking

Campus Vordingborg is located right next to Vordingborg railway station and it is therefore easy to access by public transport. If you arrive by car we encourage you to use carpooling as it might be difficult to find a parking lot on days with many people on campus.