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Teacher students

Exchange Programme Teacher Education Package

It is possible to sign up for the Teacher Education Package at two of our campus - Roskilde and Vordingborg. Please read more below.

The Teacher Education covers Primary and Lower Secondary (ages 6 to 16 years old). Students of Pre-primary (Pre-school) Education, please choose our course Children at Risk

Campus Roskilde

Students at the Teacher Education Package (TEP) can combine their studies with module 3 at the Children at Risk program (CAR). 


Courses - Spring 2024

Choose between following courses:

Campus Vordingborg


Courses spring 2024


Please note, that University College Absalon does not offer housing for exchange students in Roskilde and that housing in Vordingborg is limited. It is therefore the student's own responsibility to find accommodation.

Read more about finding accommodation in Denmark here.

Practical information

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