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About Research and Development

University College Absalon graduates are equipped to serve in the public and private sectors and hold jobs of great importance to the individual and to society as a whole.

Research at University College of Absalon must enhance the knowledge and skills of our newly qualified graduates and also develop practice within the professions and occupations we train them for.

Our research and development activities play a key role in realising University College Absalon’s strategy to contribute to welfare and growth in Region Zealand through strong and professional collaboration between educational programmes and researchers that puts students and users in the centre.


Research for the benefit of practice and education

In accordance with University College Absalon’s strategic goal 5: Research for the benefit of education and practice, the following statements guide prioritisation of our research and development activities:

  • Research and development are conducted to strengthen the quality of education and to create better solutions in professions and occupations.
  • Our research and development environments are closely tied to education and teaching as our research efforts are prioritised to suit the knowledge requirements of professions and occupations.
  • Our research and development activities must be of great relevance and quality, which is ensured through close collaboration with practice and regional, national and international research environments. 
  • Research and development projects are a requirement in the teaching of students, projects and written assignments. 

Multiple research environments focused on various themes conduct research and development at University College Absalon and are closely linked with our programmes in seven academic centres. This provides a strong connection between our research and education activities, which is a vital prerequisite for realising our strategic goals.