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Full-degree Programme Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology

The Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology programme combines biology, chemistry and science of engineering in close collaboration with international biotech companies.

About the programme

At the Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology programme you will learn to apply in depth knowledge of biochemical and biotechnological processes according to production of drugs (medicine), food industry and environmental challenges.

You will get acquainted with methods used in the field of biotechnology of industrial production.

You will also obtain knowledge of engineering principles relevant to the processing of materials by microorganisms or plant and animal cells to create useful products or industrial processes.

An attractive education in the Biotech City Kalundborg

Kalundborg is known as the Biotech City of Denmark due to the large number of biotechnological and mechanical engineering companies located in the area. In Kalundborg you will find the world's largest insulin production company, the world's largest enzyme production, Denmark's largest refinery, the world's first indutrial symbiosis and not least some of the best engineers in the world. You will meet all of this through your educaton e.g. through project work, company visits, guest lecturers, a mentor arrangement and in the internship.

What our students say

Ena Filipovic, Croatia

“At Absalon, we were in close contact with each other as students, as well as with the professors. We could openly talk with the professors about our ideas and share across the classroom, since it was a small group of students. The teaching approach is dialogue-based, which made me more comfortable during oral exams, since I was not so stressed and nervous during presentations,” Ena says. Today Ena is working as Process Engineer at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg.  

Read more about Ena and her experience with moving from Croatia to Kalundborg.

Ena Filipovic

Patrik Szobolszlai, Hungary

“At Absalon, we gained skills that are essential for the job market, and a holistic view on different areas such as data analytics, chemical engineering, QA/QC, as well as the ability to be working in teams.”

Read more about Patrik and his way to the Biotech City.


Mario Alzamora, Spain

"What I found motivating when hearing about Absalon at the university fair was the close collaboration with the local industry throughout the studies. I saw it as an opportunity to ensure I would have both educational qualifications and experience after finishing my degree, which turned out to be a great advantage", Mario points out. Since his graduation Mario has worked as a Supporter in Manufacturing at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg.

Read more about Mario's perception of the programme here.

Mario Alzamora

Mikkel Jæger

“When thinking of my student time at Absalon, I have been prepped towards understanding how companies function and learned about different industries. There has also been a close collaboration between students and teachers, as the approach to teaching has been dialogue-based”, Mikkel says. After graduation Mikkel went direclty to a job as Professional at Novo Nordisk.

Read more about Mikkel's experiences here.

Mikkel biotech grauduate

Mommina Abbas Syed

“The close collaboration with the biotech industries has been very valuable for me as a student at Absalon. It has opened many doors by expanding my network, and it has given many new learnings about organization and culture, preparing me for the opportunities ahead. This also means that I am very optimistic about my future in the biotech industries after I graduate”.

Read more about Momminas internship at Novo Nordisk.

Mommina with hololens at Novo Nordisk

Future and career

As a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology you acquire a wide range of career opportunities in the world's leading biotech companies. You can also continue your studies at a Master's programme in Denmark or abroad.

Meet us

Read more about where and when you can meet Absalon e.g. at Open House events or educational fairs abroad.

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