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Industry Speed Dating in Kalundborg

16 student jobs and 20 internships were matched with Absalon's engineering students at this year's matchmaking event in Biotekbyen (Biotech City). An efficient event within the familiar settings of the students' campus.

Industry speed dating

It has become a tradition in Kalundborg for the industry, in collaboration with Absalon, to mark a common date in the calendar. Small and large companies converge on Campus Kalundborg, stepping into the students' environment. Engineering students in biotechnology and mechanical engineering engage in discussions about student jobs and/or internships with several different companies. This arrangement allows companies to efficiently conduct interviews with multiple students.

Prior to the event, companies submitted their job postings, which the students could apply for. Subsequently, companies invited the students they were interested in interviewing to the matchmaking day, where multiple students attended various interviews, both physically and online.

Internships at Home and Abroad

Among this year's internships, students had the opportunity to seek international experience abroad. For instance, Novo Nordisk advertised two internships on their U.S. site, in addition to the company's existing 10 internships and 12 student jobs in Kalundborg.

When Novo Nordisk's internship in the USA was posted, it was an incredibly exciting opportunity and an adventure we had to pursue. Both the professional aspect, where we'll learn a lot, and the overall experience of traveling and encountering cultural differences. We'll be in two different departments, and we're not sure if we'll be living together yet, but regardless, we'll experience a lot together and share our experiences while we're there
Flóra Domjan from Hungary and Julia Fernandez Terrasa from Spain

Biotekbyen: The Place to Be

Julia and Flóra are studying for their diploma in biotechnology in English. Both share how choosing Kalundborg as their study city was the perfect decision concerning their interest in biotechnology:

"We both see biotechnology as a crucial part of the future, and if one is interested in biotechnology, Kalundborg is truly the place to be. There are so many different opportunities, and during the matchmaking, we applied to several exciting small and large companies. It's evident during our education that Absalon has strong connections to the biotech industry." Flóra Domjan and Julia Fernandez Terrasa Diploma engineering students in biotechnology

A Safe Space for Students

Even students facing their first interview acknowledge the significance of conducting it in familiar surroundings:

"It's a really comfortable and secure way for us to hold job and internship interviews in our own environment, making it feel entirely natural even though it might be some people's very first conversation with a company regarding a position," says biotechnology student Ariadna Perez, who secured an internship at Novo Nordisk. Additionally, Ariadna hopes for a positive response from NNE, where she interviewed for a student job during the event, a position she aims to complement alongside her studies.