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Nadia Bahri Filali

Student for a day, student environment, living in Denmark etc.


Nadia Filali

Nadia Bahri Filali

My name is Nadia and I'm from Spain, but my family is from Morocco. 

I grew up between Spain and Morocco, but I'm currently living in Vordingborg, Denmark. 

I graduated in Spain, but have attended most of my high school years in a Spanish school in Morocco. 

I worked as a housekeeper, a dishwasher and I'm currently a bartender here in Denmark. I enjoy practicing multiple kinds of sport, as well as spending time with my friends. 

I chose this education, because I always loved the idea of working and traveling at the same time. I believe that this programme is the perfect one for it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my education or would like to join me as student for a day, a guided tour on campus or likewise.