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Patrik now works as a Process Engineer

Patrik Szobolszlai, 29 from Hungary, works full-time as a Process Engineer at Novo Nordisk Manufacturing Kalundborg. In January 2022 Patrik graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology from University College Absalon in Kalundborg. What has it been like moving to Kalundborg to pursue a career within biotechnology?


Gaining essential skills

“The education at Absalon was attractive, because of the practical aspects, and the learnings which I could use after my graduation. It was also very attractive to have the collaboration with university and industry. It was important for me to get in touch with the companies and feel the environment and get an understanding of what the work life can be like,” states Patrik who during his studies collaborated with Novo Nordisk. 

“At Absalon, we gained skills that are essential for the job market, and a holistic view on different areas such as data analytics, chemical engineering, QA/QC, as well as the ability to be working in teams.”
Patrik Szobolszlai, Hungary
Today Process Engineer at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg

Creating close ties with classmates

“The majority of the classmates I had, were also international students. It was nice studying with someone who were also facing some of the common challenges on moving to a foreign country after graduation, such as understanding the Danish culture or organising social events in a new environment.” During the education, the students also made closer bonds.

“I lived next to the university with some of my classmates, and we were doing different activities together such as cooking, watching movies or going outside together. It made a great difference to do activities together, and become friends along the journey”
Patrik Szobolszlai, Hungary
Today Process Engineer at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg
Patrik BMX

Exploring the city of Kalundborg

Patrik moved from Budapest, Hungary, to study in Kalundborg. “I had been to Denmark several times prior to moving here, as a professional cyclist. Today, I coach kids with ambition in BMX cycling three times a week. In general, I have an active lifestyle and use the outdoor environment here quite a lot. For instance, during summer, I enjoy swimming in the sea, and during winter, I winther-bath and go to the sauna.” Patrik says and adds:

“I also play guitar and piano during my spare time, and right now, I am taking Danish courses”.
Patrik Szobolszlai, Hungary
Today Process Engineer at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg

Entering the labour market

For the past one and a half year, Patrik has been working at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg starting as an intern, then a bachelor thesis student, and currently as a Process Engineer.

“The work culture plays a key role for me. My colleagues have been supportive and helpful during my studies, as well as for me as a new person to the labour market. As a student, there has also been a high degree of trust between my colleagues”
Patrik Szobolszlai, Hungary
Today Process Engineer at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg

“I am happy with the role I am currently in, and it is exciting to work with the optimisation of the production, and addressing, solving problems with scientific nature. It is a good time to work as an engineer, as the 4th industrialisation and digitalisation accelerates making room for innovative, creative thinking.”

“I would recommend students to not be shy and ask questions along the way – both at Absalon during classes, as well as during the collaboration with the companies. I have attended webinars at Novo Nordisk (link) and spend energy getting to know more about the current and future challenges of pharma. Furthermore, it acted as an excellent platform for networking which supported my way to find a student job and learn about different job opportunities”.