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Working with new technology as an intern

Mommina Abbas Syed has been an intern at Novo Nordisk manufacturing hub in Kalundborg, where she was working with augmented reality. As a student at Absalon in Kalundborg, there are many opportunities to get close to the biotech industry. How is it working with new technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing? And what opportunities does this education provide? Read on, to meet Mommina and hear about her experiences.

Mommina is studying a Bachelor of Engineering within Biotechnology and has been an intern during the 6th semester. For the past months, Mommina has been part of a team, which focuses on innovation and new technology. 

New technology is the key driver 

Mommina has been involved in projects that focus on optimization of manufacturing processes through technology. How we use new technology has always been Mommina’s interest, both on a personal and academical level. 

I saw the internship semester as a great opportunity to be able to work with my passion. I am excited to being able to work with new technology daily, and especially within the pharmaceutical industry, where we are first movers on innovation projects. The internship has given me several new learnings in terms of utilizing technology, and a deeper understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Mommina Abbas Syed
Intern and student assistant at Novo Nordisk

“My primary role as an intern has been to support the development of training material using HoloLens’s. It has also meant being close to the manufacturing processes, where I have drawn on theory such as chemical unit operations, industrial fermentation, insulin production and purification, as well as microbiology learned at Absalon. I have experienced a direct line to the work environment from the practice focused learnings from Absalon, which makes a lot of sense,” Mommina explains.

The augmented reality technology Mommina has been working with is through HoloLens glasses, where a digital layer is added to the physical world, which blends the digital and physical world.  

Mommina with hololens at Novo Nordisk

The purpose of the technology is to allow employees to take realistic training and instructions and serves as an example for more digital processes. 

Close collaboration with the industries 

Industry collaborations give students insight into different businesses and processes. Mommina has met several companies in the Biotech City as a student, such as Novozymes and NNE during company visits, lectures, and case projects.  

“Currently, I am part of an international team at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg, where I work closely with both newly graduated employees and skilled employees with several years of experience. It means that there are several different stakeholders I need to collaborate with daily. During the internship, I have drawn a lot on competencies within project management and communication, which we have practiced at Absalon, and it has given me a better understanding of how to utilize it in a working environment. This has been some of the greatest take-aways during the internship,” Mommina shares. 

The internship has led to Mommina being offered a job as a student assistant, where she will continue the work with augmented reality for process optimization. 

Great collaboration with Novo Nordisk Kalundborg 

After Mommina’s internship period she will start her final semester, which is the bachelor thesis project. Her collaboration with Novo Nordisk Kalundborg will continue, and Mommina is considering the scope of the project: 

The technology is the way for the future, and I do not think it will be something I will be tired of. I am excited to be able to continue collaborating with Novo Nordisk Kalundborg.
Mommina Abbas Syed
Intern and student assistant at Novo Nordisk

“The close collaboration with the biotech industries has been very valuable for me as a student at Absalon. It has opened many doors by expanding my network, and it has given many new learnings about organization and culture, preparing me for the opportunities ahead. This also means that I am very optimistic about my future in the biotech industries after I graduate” Mommina ends.