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About the programme

University College Absalon offers an international honours degree as part of the Danish Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Teacher Education.

The increased number of international schools worldwide is creating a high demand for teachers with intercultural competences. As a response to this demand, University College Absalon offers an honours degree with an international focus.

What is special about the International Honours Degree in Teaching?

The International Honours Degree is a teacher education programme. However, it is also much more:

  • You will complete two special interdisciplinary modules
  • You will have to complete part of your programme abroad - either as teaching practice at a school or as studies at a higher education institution
  • You will have to complete teaching experience in both Danish and international schools
  • You will be responsible of developing your teaching through a digital portfolio – subject to a special test
  • You can choose between individual modules in English and Danish - we do not offer all modules in English (please refer to the current Student Charter).

In addition to completing the regular teacher education programme (240 ECTS-points), the Honours Degree will require you to complete extra studies equal to 30 ECTS-points over four years.

Why choose the International Honours Degree in Teaching?

The International Honours Degree is much more demanding, but it opens the door to extraordinary opportunities during and after your education:

  • You will get many opportunities to develop an international teaching profile
  • As an international student, you will get a unique opportunity to base your teacher education on Danish pedagogical traditions and principles
  • As part of an international programme, your studies will be enriched by the diversity of your fellow students
  • Extra studies will be credited to your diploma
  • You will receive the honorary ’with distinction’ on your diploma if you complete the programme within the allotted four years
  • You will have an attractive job profile for all internationally minded schools – in Denmark and across the world!

Selection process for the International Honours Programme?

In order to gain admission to the International Honours Degree you must apply and be accepted into the Danish Teacher Education programme in Vordingborg.

Once enrolled you need to fulfil both of the following two requirements:

  • You must have English qualifications at Danish level-A (or equivalent)
  • You must pass the special 3-hour admission test for the Honours Degree. The test evaluates your command of written English, as well as your ability to formulate a well-structured argument.

In order to graduate with honours you must

  1. Take the three modules “English as an additional language”
  2. Take the module “General Education (KLM)” (a special course comprising 20 ECTS points)
  3. Spend one semester studying abroad or have a teaching experience abroad
  4. Take a teaching subject taught in English, which contains additional international competences
  5. Collect and select material during the programme for a portfolio and subsequent presentation/test in 7.