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Individual competence assessment (ICA)


Application for admission through ICA is not a separate application. You apply for admission through, which opens on the 1st of February. Under the tab “Entry qualifications” you choose the tab “No entry qualifying exam”. Under the tab “Attachments” you attach your CV, your competence description and your documentation.

When you apply for admission through ICA, it is especially important that you in your application describe past experiences and qualifications, and that you attach documentation for these in your application. Only the documented experiences and qualifications are included in the evaluation.


Deadline to apply for admission through ICA is the 15 March at 12.00 noon.

When will I receive an answer?

You will receive answer on your ICA by the end of June. If you get a positive ICA, you will be included in the distribution of study places in quota 2 on equal terms with the remaining quota 2 applicants (Applicants to the International Honours Degree in Teaching must also attend an admission interview). You will receive answer on your application for admission by the end of July, when the Coordinated Admission has distributed the study places. If your ICA is rejected, you will receive guidelines on what to do in order to better improve your changes to be evaluated eligible for admission to the programme.