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Admission requirements

The admission requirements for international students include one of the following certificates:

  • A Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate (STX, HF, HHX, HTX, EUX, GIF)
  • The Danish/French Baccalauréat (DFB)
  • The European Baccalaureate (EB)
  • The International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • The Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB)
  • Another foreign qualifying examination certificate that can be equated with a Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate.


  • A grade average of minimum 7.0, on the Danish grading scale or a score from an interview of minimum 30 points.


If your average is below 7.0 on Danish grade scale or if the average is unknown or your average cannot be converted to the Danish grade scale or you get a positive individual competence assessment, you must participate in an interview to qualify for admission to the program.

If you are to attend an interview you will receive an e-mail with a link to our booking system where you can book an interview. You will receive the e-mail after we have assessed your application.

If you which to attend in an English admission interview, you need to choose one of the following placement:

  • ENGLISH – University College Absalon Campus Vordingborg (SKYPE)
  • ENGLISH – University College Absalon Campus Vordingborg (Face to Face)

If you have questions regarding the interview:

Other basis for admission

If you do not fulfill the official admission requirements, but have other qualifications which can be ranked alongside, you can apply for admission on the exceptional permission via individual competence assessment

Application deadlines

15 March at 12.00 noon
  • Application deadline for all quota 2 applicants
  • Application deadline for all applicants with an international entry examination; including applicants holding an International Baccalaureate
  • Documentation for additional subjects or other relevant documentation that has not been completed before 15 March can be uploaded to your application until 5 July at 12:00.
5 July at 12.00 noon
  • Application deadline for quota 1 applicants (only applicable to applicants holding a Danish entry examination)
  • Final documentation deadline for quota 1 and quota 2 applicants.