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About the programme

University College Absalon offers an international honours degree as part of the Danish Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Teacher Education.

The increased number of international schools worldwide is creating a high demand for teachers with intercultural competences. As a response to this demand, University College Absalon offers an honours degree with an international focus.


Why choose the International Honours Degree in Teaching?

The International Honours Degree is much more demanding, but it opens the door to extraordinary opportunities during and after your education:

  • You will get many opportunities to develop an international teaching profile
  • As an international student, you will get a unique opportunity to base your teacher education on Danish pedagogical traditions and principles
  • As part of an international programme, your studies will be enriched by the diversity of your fellow students
  • Extra studies will be credited to your diploma
  • You will receive the honorary ’with distinction’ on your diploma if you complete the programme within the allotted four years
  • You will have an attractive job profile for all internationally minded schools – in Denmark and across the world!

In order to graduate with honours you must

  1. Spend one semester studying abroad or have a teaching experience abroad
  2. Take three teaching subjects, of which English is mandatory
  3. Pass the special 3-hour admission test for the Honours Degree
  4. You have to gain 250 ECTS within the four years study window
  5. Study minors taught in Danish

Internship / Teaching Experience

Along with the studies you combine theory and practice through the four periods of teaching experience at a school. 

Teaching experience includes:

First year: 
At the first year of studies you are an intern in the same Danish local school one day a week.

Second year: 
One block of internship at an International school in Denmark.

Third year: 
One block of internship at a school abroad. 

Fourth year:
One block of internship at an International school in Denmark or abroad.

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