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Your future and career opportunities

As a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology you acquire a wide range of career opportunities in the global job market - in Denmark and abroad. The programme also prepares you to relevant master's degree programmes, now also available in the Biotech City. 

You will obtain competences within production and development involving biotechnological processes. It could be solving tasks within the fields of chemical engineering, pharmaceutical science, food technology, quality assurance and control, environmental chemistry, and energy optimization. All areas covering scopes of food, feed and pharmaceutical production as well as the environmental and energy sectors.

You will qualify for a position as e.g., operational, production or quality engineer working with process control and regulation based on chemical, physical and biological data and analysis. Development and optimization of production processes could also be one of your areas of responsibility.

Moreover, you can also work within research and development, as a consultant or within public administration handling e.g. environmental or regulatory affairs.

Student job opportunities

Every autumn semester, Centre for Engineering and Science organizes a student job fair along with Kalundborg municipality, Kalundborg Business Council and local businesses. Here, our aim is to provide study relevant student jobs for our students though we cannot guarantee student jobs for everyone.

Indicative salary

Did you know that the recommended minimum salary for recent graduates in 2024 according to IDA is: 43,600 DKK per month (incl. pension and before Danish tax).

Want to study more?

With the degree Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology, you have the opportunity to continue your studies at a Master's programme within engineering in biotechnology.

In Denmark, this could e.g. be at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Copenhagen (KU), Roskilde University (RUC), University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Aalborg University (AAU) or Aarhus University (AU).

Continue your studies in Kalundborg, the Biotech City

In Kalundborg, you can continue your studies with a master's degree at DTU or University of Copenhagen. 

From 2024 University of Copenhagen also offers a two year Master of Science in Biosolutions in Kalundborg. Most of the courses are taught in close collaboration with the biotech industry, and you will have many opportunities to write your Master’s thesis together with a company.

DTU offers an Industry Master of Science in Engineering in Kalundborg. To enrol, you must be employed in a biochemical or chemical production company and work at least 25 hours weekly on average. It takes four years to complete an industry master of science in engineering, and during this time you are both a part-time engineer and a part-time student, keeping the combination between theory and practice, you will also experience at the Bachelor of Engineering programme at University College Absalon.

Write your master thesis as a Helix Lab Fellow

Right next to campus the new Helix Lab opened in 2022 facilitating master thesis projects in collaboration with the biotech industry in Kalundborg and all Danish Universities and in brand new state of the art facilities.