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Full-degree Programme International Honours Degree in Teaching

Do you want to become a teacher with an international profile, then read on about the International Honours Degree in Teaching.

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About the programme

Through the International Honours Degree in Teaching, you will be exposed to different national and international educational approaches and systems, and will gain practical teaching practices.

What our students say

Braian from Argentina

Braian is one of 90 international students in Vordingborg:
"I hope to use my education to become a teacher here in Denmark"

Braian has been teaching in Argentina before arriving in Denmark. As he cannot use his argentinian education in Denmark he is now studying the International Honours Degree in Teaching. 

"The main difference between my studies in Argentina and here in Denmark is the fact that I get to use the theory in practice. I have been an intern several times in both a public school and a boarding school." 


Gunnhildur Ásmundsdóttir

"My goal is to work in as many countries as possible, gaining knowledge about different cultures and implementing human rights. I have the freedom to do all those things through this education,” Gunnhildur Ásmundsdóttir says.

Read more about Gunnhildur's jouney from Iceland to the International Honours Degree in Teaching here.


Future and career

As a graduate from the International Honours Degree in Teaching you will acquire a wide range of skills and competencies to work in international schools in Denmark and abroad.

Meet us

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